Tuesday, May 6, 2014

 European dreams - In the midst of lush green valleys and picturesque landscape
All too often, while sipping a cup of coffee we daydream of visiting places which invigorate our senses, the thought of distant valleys and oceans, the feeling of diving into the pool of wonder makes us ponder ' IF ', if at all we could be there at that moment. Europe is one of those places on Earth which not only satiates our wondering mind but also helps us relieve the ongoing stress of daily life.

 One Beautiful morning while climbing up the hills to reach our destination in Switzerland, we found some local cows grazing with their melodious bells ringing all the way. The clouds over those mountains provided a prefect scene of nature's bliss.

Buddha says "It is better to travel well than to arrive" and it is strongly justified in the journey of ancient places which are uphold by European Culture even today. One can see the beauty of Michael Angelo's work that classified and established the Western Art through his various sculptors and amazing paintings all over Italy, Venice and Florence. 
As we descended towards the most popular city of France, Paris, we found the glorious Eiffel Tower with its magnificent height standing right in the heart of the city. Children played on the parks with their parents and we took the lift inside the tower which provided access to most delicious food available. There were telescope provided for the travellers to get a glimpse of the brilliantly planned city. The evening became more joyous after we had the boat ride all over the water surrounding the tower.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hi All,

After a long time again, hope you all are fine.

I'm going to write what I came across few months back while I visited a Meditation Center namely Brahma Kumaris in India. Along with a friend I had good experiences which I'm going to share with you.

Today most of the problems in relationships occur due to the common 'expectation' we have for the other person. The other person can be your husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ parent/ friend/ sister/ brother. Anyone close.
Sadly, with those we are close and ironically that too, we shouldn't be expecting much. You might relate to quotes you see like 'Expect little, give much' and so on. Well, its true. A relationship is formed in the mind.
Ask me how? I tell you.

Read carefully, a relationship is something which is 'formed' when two people 'give'. I give, you give. It's that simple and its formed. Then attachment happens and slowly you share things with the other person.
Now to maintain the relationship it is very vital to remember that you should concentrate on giving without expecting much.

Sit back and think about it. When was the last time you selflessly did something for the one you love and they appreciated? How did that make you feel?

Now you might have negative thoughts creeping in like 'Oh I did so much but i got very little' or something like 'I'm disappointed'. Ask yourself why?!

Let me tell you, if the relationship you are relating to right now while you are reading this is about 'love', then love is supposed to be completely unconditional. Unconditional acceptance of the other person.

If you are facing problems in your relationship try the method of being more loving and caring no matter what you receive from the other end. Have patience, keep faith. This unconditional love has the power to get the person back into your life or solve the problems now or in the future.

Love is within us, its our very core with which we are made. We are human 'beings' after all. Aren't we supposed to be better than animals who just reproduce but not socialize?!

Similarly, a human being is supposed to give, the other will give too. If however you think that you have given enough positive energy to the other person and it is simply not working then maybe you can go back in time and ask those questions of what went wrong. Somewhere it is our fault that we do not recognize or are too 'egoistic' to accept our mistake.

Keeping a relationship healthy is very simple:

Step 1. Be Positive.

Step 2. Remember to give and to share.

Step 3.Trust wholeheartedly, no matter what. If they betray, accept it as your choice to trust, do not blame them.

Step 4. Don't try to change the person as that means we are Not accepting him or her. If we don't accept, we are sending negative vibes which leads to more misunderstandings.

Step 5. Accept yourself as you are and concentrate on being more loving and caring.

May Peace be with you.